Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries, and Historic Sites questionnaire

As a municipal candidate, I periodically receive questionnaires from a variety of groups. I’ll be posting my responses here throughout the campaign.  This is from the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries, and Historic Sites, and they’ve posted all the responses they have received on their website.

Why do you believe that the City of Kingston needs to continue to support this vital sector?

We only need to look at the success of Kingston Penitentiary tours in the last few years to see how much demand there is for this type of culture. KP tours have been bringing new tourists to Kingston, exposing them further to our history, museums, and our city in general

How will Heritage and Culture initiatives be identified as a priority for the next City Council?

As a concerned citizen, I strongly opposed the removal of any walls at KP. I think visiting a prison with only half the walls will feel like half the experience. I would push strongly for this to be reconsidered.

Kingston is loved and respected worldwide for its heritage and culture, and tourism injects over $700 million into our economy every year. I will push to maintain the look and feel of downtown while respecting the need for further investment and intensification in our core.  I will only support new development that respects and contributes to our heritage and culture.

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