Election signs

Election signs are a hot topic again this year. One district has unanimously agreed to go without them altogether, and other individual candidates have an announced that they will run without signs as well.

In Lakeside, the six candidates in this district met as a group early on in the campaign to discuss our policy on signs. There was some thought that because the sign window is so small (one month) and that signs tend to be the biggest campaign expense, that going sign-free would be a great idea.

However, two of the candidates announced that they were definitely using signs, so, in order to be competitive, I am using lawn signs in this campaign. I am reserving the vast majority of my inventory for the lawns of supporters, but I will put up a few, tastefully, in high-traffic areas.

My signs are coroplast, and while I certainly hope to re-use them in four years, a local artist friend, Joanne Gervais, can put the signs to great use as backing boards for her artwork!

If you’d like a lawn sign, please contact me and I’ll get one up for you right away!

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