My family:
I was born and raised in Kingston, and I’ve lived in Lakeside (Reddendale and Lakeland Acres) since 2008 with my wife Trisha, my daughter Julia, my step-daughter Alexa, and our new granddaughter Aliyah. Alexa and Julia both attended RG Sinclair, and Julia is heading to Frontenac Secondary this fall.










My education:
I graduated from LCVI in 1997, Loyalist College in 2000 (Radio Broadcasting), and I went back to Loyalist in 2014 and received a post-graduate certificate in Public Relations.


My work:
In the mid 00’s I worked as a concert promoter, producing over 300 shows in Kingston. I later practiced real estate in Kingston for about 10 years, but now I deal mostly with referrals to other agents.

Currently, I operate a marketing and events company where my clients include MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co., The Arrogant Worms, Kingstonist, and Doghouse Studios. I’ve also recently done work for Intel, Google, Toshiba, and Second Harvest.


In the community:
I am a volunteer with MIKES – Music Industry Kingston Emergency Support, and with the Homegrown Live Music Festival, which raises money for Joe’s M.I.L.L. I was on the board of directors of Joe’s M.I.L.L. for three years. I’ve produced and participated in fundraising events for the United Way, Kingston Humane Society, Partners in Mission Food Bank, R.K.Y Campership Fund, Camp Trillium, and many more.


My music:
I’ve been a musician for about 25 years. I’m mostly a folk singer. I play around Kingston and Eastern Ontario fairly regularly either solo, with The Goodnight Irenes, or Strung Out To Dry. I released my first solo album this year, called I Know This All Too Well.


My passions and hobbies:
I play dodgeball and ultimate with KSSC. I usually get out for a bike or a hike or a run at least once a week. I listen to an absurd amount of Phish, Grateful Dead, and old-timey music. My wife and I have a potentially dangerous addiction to the quadruple chocolate cheesecake at Days on Front.