A Song For Lakeside

I’m sure you knew it was coming! A song about the many great assets we have here, and a few quirks.


Lakeside is the right side
it’s the best part of the west side
We’ve got the lake and a big ol’ prison too
We’ve got great schools, and the airport,
The Curling Club and Invista
A marina and the Lakeshore Swimming Pool
Parkview Street has no view of a park
Lakeview Street has a small view of the lake
Sydenham Sweet bakery is nowhere near Sydenham at all
Days on Front is at Days and Front
But so is King Street Auto
And the Lakeshore Pool is not on Lakeshore Blvd
It’s Lemoine Point, not Lemoines Points
Front Road leads to Old Front Road
and Front Road is a different street than King
The corner of Chelsea and Glen Castle
is different than the corner of Glen Castle and Chelsea
and Gordon Sinclair is not the guy from The Hip
You can play pickleball and soccer
And baseball, lacrosse, or tennis
But the Vees don’t play at Centre 70 anymore
The prison farm is back
And the airport’s getting bigger
We’re in the west end but you can still call it the township
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